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The doctors, nurses and allied health professionals at Wynyard Medical Centre provide a broad range of general medical services and treatment to all age groups in needs of medical services.   The practice is equipped with Automated External Defibrillator.

General GP consultation Audiogram (hearing test) ECG (heart tracing) Spirometry (lung function test) Point of Care Testing such as Blood Sugar, INR and Ketone Tests Children and adult's Immunizations General Vaccinations and Swine Flu Vaccine Corporate Vaccinations Men’s Health Women’s health  Family Planning Sexual Health Screening Pre-Employment medicals Drivers Medicals Scuba Divers Medicals Foster Care Medicals Medical Emergency 4 Year Old Health Check 45-49 Year Old Health Check 75 Year Old Health Check Aboriginal Health Check Travel medicine advice & vaccinations Work Injury/Workers compensation & Rehabilitation Heart Disease Education Diabetes Education Life Style Education Focused Psychological Counselling Home Visits Minor General and Skin Surgery Asthma Assessment Diabetes Assessment

Our practice is equipped with high quality Video Conference facility. Our commercial grade video conference system uses the most secure videoconferencing available. We can provide high definition video and audio (depending on bandwidth and processor power of specialist doctor's computer) without needing other doctors to buy and install very expensive video conference facilities with IT provider. Our doctors use a commercial software with special features which enable to share software applications during the consultation - e.g. desktop, web browser, images, results, power point etc. to provide high quality video consultation to our patients who complex medical condition and unable to travel a long distance when their specialists practice. For more information please contact Dr Roland Ark on 03 6442 2201 / 03 6442 2201.

Our doctors at Wynyard Medical Centre are eligible to provide their patients with a CTG annotated script as they are participating in the Indigenous Health Incentive under the Practice Incentives Program (PIP). What does it mean to you? The CTG PBS Co-payment Measure will assist in the form of lower or nil patient co-payment for PBS medicines. If you are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have an existing Chronic Disease or are at risks of Chronic Disease, your are eligible to register at our practice to receive above assistance.

Please feel free to ask one of our friendly receptionists or practice nurses to assist your registration.

A health assessment means the assessment of a patient's health and physical, psychological and social function and consideration of whether preventive health care and education should be offered to the patient, to improve that patient's health and physical, psychological and social function.

To be eligible for a health assessment a patient must be 75 and over or Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islander aged over 55. This assessment can be done on annual basis. The practice nurse goes to patient's home and complete a majority of assessment i.e. height, weight, blood pressure, vision, urine check, home living condition etc. The second part of the assessment is performed by your usual General Practitioner at surgery. During this visit, the doctor can identify any assistance the patient may require i.e. meals on wheels, hearing services, community nursing etc.


This health assessment is available to all people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and should be used for health assessments for the following age categories:

  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child who is less than 15 years.
  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who is aged between 15 years and 54 years.
  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander older person who is aged 55 years and over.

The aim of the type 2 diabetes risk evaluation is to address health needs of patients 40-49 years of age who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Patients can be self assessed with online Australian Type 2 diabetes Risk Assessment Tool. High risk score patients are eligible to see their GPs for complete Health Assessment and further appropriate life style management. Here is online link to Self Diabetes Risk Assessment.

This health check is conducted on patients aged between 45 & 49 years.  This is a joint assessment between the Practice Nurse & the GP.  The aim of this assessment is to prevent patients developing a chronic medical condition.  The assessment includes: family history assessment, height, weight, smoking & alcohol assessment, osteoporosis risk assessment and some investigations.

This health check is conducted on children aged 4 years. This is also joint assessment between the practice nurse & the GP. The purpose of the Healthy Kids Check is to ensure every four year old child in Australia has a basic health check to see if they are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school. The assessment includes: Family history, birth history, developmental history, height and weight, nutrition, eyes, ears and hearing, dental and full physical assessment. It may or may not need investigations. It is to be delivered in conjunction with the four year old immunisation if not done so or due.

The diabetic assessment is performed annually on all patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes for more than 12 months.  The patient is required to have fasting blood glucose level, cholesterol test, full urine analysis, blood pressure check, height and weight measured and have their feet examined.  If necessary the patient should be referred to a Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist and Diabetes Educator.  The patient is also given diet education material, medication and level of activity reviewed. 

Asthma plans are available for people with moderate to severe asthma.  The patient is required to have two asthma related consultations during a 12 month time frame. The first visit is with the practice nurse & the General Practitioner and includes a spirometry and education on usage of medication.  The patient is asked to keep a diary for two weeks listing symptoms, peak flow testings and usage of medication.   The second visit includes reviewing patient diary, repeating spirometry and the GP writes an Asthma Action Plan that may include changing medications.

These Health Care Plans are for patients with Chronic Medical Conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Chronic Airways disease,Dementia, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis etc. and require needs for multidisciplinary team care with a range of services provided by GPs, Specialists, Allied Health Professionals including podiatrist, diabetes educator, dietitian, optometrist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, social worker etc. in order to meet patients' needs and achieve the best quality of care. GP Management & Team Care Arrangement Plans for patients with Chronic Medical Conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Chronic Airways Disease, Dementia, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis etc. 

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is a positive step to improve the well being and quality of care for chronically ill Gold Card holders.

The program will pay General Practitioners and nursing providers to coordinate care for Gold Card holders who are at risk of hospitalisation.

Through improved community based care, the program is intended to improve the health of participants by:

  • providing ongoing planned and coordinated care from your GP and a nurse
  • educating and empowering participants to self manage their conditions
  • encouraging the most socially isolated to participate in community activities.

The government provide free immunisations for a number of childhood illnesses.  It is critical children are completely covered by being immunised on time.  Full details of the schedule can be found on the following web page: To organise an appointment to have your child immunised, please contact the practice.

The clinic is run one day a month by our highly qualified registered nurse, Sally Cotterel specially for those with personal preferences. Please ring our friendly receptionists for booking if your Well Woman Check (including Breasts Examination, PAP smear, STIs screening and Preventive Health for women), is due, overdue and has not done so.

Providing the best general practice care and according to our best and safe practice policy, you may receive an occasional reminder by phone or mail (SMS messaging system in near future) regarding health services from the practice such as abnormal results, overdue health check and requirement for urgent medical assessment/reassessment. If you wish to opt out of this please let us know. One of the accreditation standards requires the practice to provide a reliable reminder register for patients.  The register provides systematic preventative care and early case detection using validated guidelines.  All patients are informed of the availability of, and offered enrollment in, our reminder system.  The practice uses a computerised reminder register and this is carried out as part of the end of month routine.  The database is searched for all reminders due within the month and the patient is either contacted by telephone or letter produced and posted.  The patient is advised the reason for their recall, i.e: Immunisation, Pap smear, Health Assessment, Cholesterol Test etc. and advised to make an appointment with their General Practitioner or the Practice Nurse.

It is illegal to predate or post date any medical certificates. Patients must be seen by a doctor on the day a certificate is required. If a patient requires a medical certificate to be re-issued for the date seen, a fee of $5.00 will be charged to cover the cost incurred.

If a regular patient of the practice requires a prescription for medicines taken regularly, it can be ordered without having an appointment or your chemist can request with your authorisation for preparation of Webster/Blister Pack or purchasing whilst you are away for holidays. If your last visit was longer than 2 months, and  for some kinds of medications, will require to make an appointment to see your regular doctor. Patients are required to contact the practice and provide the receptionist with patient name, DOB, and details (name, strength, doses and frequency) of medications required. Patient’s are asked to order medications at least 5 days in advance which is preferable. A fee of $5.00* is charged for all repeat prescriptions including Authority scripts cabe be picked up by you or be faxed to your chemist on your request. However the fee may be waived by individual doctor's discretion based on valid grounds.

* price subject to change without prior notice If you misplaced or lost, a repeat Path/Xray Form can be prepared on your request by phone. A fee of $5 will be charged.

It can be prepared by your doctor on your request by phone.  A fee of $5 to $15 will be charged depending on the complexity and time spent for preparation.

On receipt of signed medical record transfer authority and a fee of $15, our staff will arrange to dispatch the copies of records securely to nominated GP by your requested preferred method as earliest as possible.

Although most problems are best dealt with in consultation, a doctor will always be available during normal surgery hours for emergency advice only. Our staff are experienced in helping you decide whether the matter requires an appointment, a return phone call from the practice or urgent advice. The doctor may be able to accept phone calls and give medical advice, discuss x-ray and pathology results on a limited basis throughout the day if advised to do so unless emergency.

These visits are provided as necessary by individual GPs on your requests. These are advisable to be organised directly with your doctor. Our doctors provide medical services to residents at Wynyard Care Centre on weekly visits and Yarrandoo Somerset Aged Care Facilities on needed basis.

Medical records are confidential documents. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that information is only available to authorised members of staff for the intended purposes and to comply with the Privacy Act which is available on

In accordance with the guidelines of the Standard for Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons (SUSDP), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and Wynyard Medical Centre’s policies, this practice, unless medically indicated, will not prescribe drugs of addiction which include:

Morphine & its derivatives:


          Oxycontin CR           Ms Contin MR           Kapanol Dilaudid           Oxycone/Endone

Tramadol eg, Tramal, Tramahexal, Zydol, Tramedo

Benzodiazepines and its derivatives  

Alprazolam       eg, Alprax, Kalma, Alprazolam, Xanax, Zamhexal   

Bromazepam    eg, Lexotan   

Clobazam          eg, Frisium    

Clonazepam      eg, Paxam, Rivotril   

Diazepam          eg, Antenex, Ducene, Valium, Valpam, Diazepam

Flunitrazepam eg, Hypnodorm   

Lorezepam        eg, Ativan   

Midazolam        eg, Hypnovel, Midazolam   

Nitrazepam       eg, Alodorm, Mogadon   

Oxazepam         eg, Alepam, Serapax, Murelax   

Temazepam      eg, Normison, Temaze   

Triazolam         eg, Halcion

If you experience a problem we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to our Practice Manager. You may prefer to write to us. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. However, if you wish to take the matter further and feel that you need to discuss the matter outside of the surgery you can contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on Ph. 1800 001 1701800 001 170 FREE or HCCC online contact.  We encourage you to contact to the practice at first instance and we will do our best endeavours to solve the problems concerned.