Telephone Calls & Requests

TELEPHONING YOUR DOCTOR In the interest of Privacy, providing Safe & Highest Quality Health Care, Doctors will now no longer be taking phone calls during consultations except extreme circumstances which need emergency medical advice. In most cases the reception staff or registered nursing staff may be able to assist you. Messages may be left to the attention of the doctor with priority and will be dealt with as soon as practicable.

Although most problems are best dealt with in consultation, a doctor will be available during normal surgery hours for emergency advice only. Our staff are experienced in helping you decide whether the matter requires an appointment, a return phone call from the practice or urgent advice. The doctor may be able to accept phone calls and give medical advice, discuss x-ray and pathology results on a limited basis throughout the day if advised to do so unless emergency.

Our new procedure is that, to obtain the outcome of your results you are required to return to the practice to see your doctor who initiated the pathology request. Doctors of Wynyard Medical centre believe that better management of your health will be achieved.

TESTS &  RESULTSThe Practice will no longer be able to provide you results of your pathology tests over the telephone. Test results are followed up by the doctor. You are required to make a follow-up appointment for further face to face discussion for safe & highest quality health management, Reception staff can neither provide nor discuss results by phone or in person as they are not medically trained. On certain circumstances, your telephone call  may be put through to your doctor who advised you to do so at your last visit.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE:  It is illegal to predate or post date any medical certificates. Patients must be seen by a doctor on the day a certificate is required. If a patient requires a medical certificate to be re-issued for the date seen, a fee of $5.00 will be charged to cover the cost incurred.

REPEAT PRESCRIPTION:  If a regular patient of the practice requires a prescription for medicines taken regularly, it can be ordered without having an appointment or your chemist can request with your authorisation for preparation of Webster/Blister Pack or purchasing whilst you are away for holidays. If your last visit was longer than 2 months, and  for some kinds of medications, will require to make an appointment to see your regular doctor. Patients are required to contact the practice and provide the receptionist with patient name, DOB, and details (name, strength, doses and frequency) of medications required. Patient’s are asked to order medications at least 5 days in advance which is preferable. A fee of $4.00* is charged for all repeat prescriptions and $5.00* for Authority scripts requested and picked up by you or $ 5.00 if needed to be faxed to your chemist. However the fee may be waived by individual doctor's discretion based on valid grounds.

* price subject to change without prior notice.

REPEAT X-RAY FORM:  We advise you to keep your X-Ray form in safe place and do not forget take with you when you go to X-Ray Department for the test. However, with valid reasons, it can be reprinted by your doctor on your request by phone. A fee of $5.00  will be charged.

REFERRAL LETTER:  It can be prepared by your doctor on your request by phone.  A fee of $5.00 to $15 will be charged depending on the complexity and time spent for preparation.