Does your surgery bulk bill?

This practice is mixed billing however it may bulk bill patients who are on a Pension Card, Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Card or children under 16 years. It is up to each practising GP’s discretion.

Do you have female GP at the surgery?

Yes, we do have both female and male doctors at our surgery. The practice also has a fully qualified well trained registered nurse, Sally Cotterrel who runs a clinic for “Well Women Checks” once a month.

Does your surgery take new patients?

Yes, new patients are more than welcome. They will require a double appointment for their first appointment. You can read the requirements for new patients in “New Patient Information Kit”.

Do I need make an appointment or can I call in for medical emergency?

You don’t need an appointment for a medical emergency, you can call in if you are nearby and inform our friendly receptionists immediately on arrival. You will be seen, assessed and triaged by our nurse in-charge, then refer to the doctor on-call who will see you as per your triage category (level of urgency of medical attention needed). If you are at home, please ring our friendly receptionists on 03 6442 220103 6442 2201 or 03 6442 220203 6442 2202 and mention you need urgent medical attention and need to talk to our triage nurse for telephone assessment and advice for appropriate action to be taken.

Is the surgery wheelchair friendly?

Yes, the practice has a designated disabled car park at back of the surgery and easily accessible for wheelchairs and gophers. The practice also has its own wheel chair for patient use if needed

Do you immunise children at your surgery?

Yes we do. The child will need an appointment with the doctor and also a nurse.

How long are patients booked for a normal appointment?

Depending on the doctor, normal appointments are booked for 10-15 minutes duration. If you feel you will need longer than this, e.g. PAP smear, Counselling, pre-employment medicals, please inform the reception staff when making your appointment so adequate time can be allocated.

What if I miss my appointment?

Wherever possible, it would be appreciated if you could ring us to let us know if you are not attending. We reserve the right to charge a $15 missed appointment fee, if cancellation of appointment is not be given  24 hours in advance. Please be aware that this charge does not attract a MEDICARE REBATE.

Do you run specialised clinics?

Our doctors work with our nurses and we run diabetic clinics, asthma clinics as well as immunisation and children’s health check clinics. Please enquire with our staff should you have any questions.

Do I need a referral to see an allied health provider?

Yes,  normally you need to see your doctor for a referral to see Allied Health Providers to obtain a medicare rebate.  If you have private health cover, you still need a GP referral to get a rebate. The practice has a Psychologist, a Diabetes Educator and an Audiometrist available on-site. We are planning to recruit more Allied Health Providers to have on-site physiotherapists, dietitians, podiatrists, speech pathologists for children and remedial massage therapists for our surgery.

I just need a script – do I have to make an appointment to see a doctor?

In general, an appointment needs to be made for the doctor to assess the need for a prescription. Where a medication is ongoing, the doctor may write a script without a clinical consultation provided no checkups need to be done. In this instance, there will be a $4 charge.

I was sick  last week, can I get a back-dated medical certificate on appointment?

It is illegal to predate or post date any medical certificates. Patients must be seen by a doctor on the day a certificate is required. If a patient requires a medical certificate to be re-issued for the date seen, a fee of $5.00 will be charged to cover the cost incurred

I need a referral letter for my specialist – can I get it backdated?

Medicare rules prohibit the backdating of referral letters and as such, the doctors at this clinic WILL NOT issue backdated referral letters. In addition, we ask that an appointment be made in order for the need for a referral letter be assessed. In certain circumstances, it can be prepared by your doctor on your request by phone. A fee of $5.00 to $15 will be charged depending on the complexity and time spent for preparation.

Do I need an appointment for my results?

We work on the principle that if an investigation is important enough to be performed, it should be important enough to be followed up, hence the doctors prefer that all results are conveyed in the context of a follow up consultation.